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Welcome to the Academy for Research on Community Health, Engagement and Services (ARCHES). We are dedicated to improving health in vulnerable communities, and to advancing the scientific and social missions of the health and health-related sciences. We are a group of researchers from many different backgrounds and specialties. However, as a group we are dedicated to improving health through collaborative, participatory, and multispecialty approaches.

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ARCHES develops and supports impactful research and training partnerships and programs for reducing health disparities among vulnerable populations in high-risk communities. ARCHES incorporates the scientific and social missions of the health sciences. Clinical science concentrates on individuals (micro-level), seeking to diagnose, treat, and prevent disease, whereas public health science concentrates on populations (macro-level), seeking to maintain the health of all people through actions taken collectively.  Community health science focuses on community and population–based approaches to health and incorporates a shift in emphasis from individually focused explanations of health behavior to ones that also encompass social and environmental influences.  From a community health science perspective, clinical science and public health science can contribute to developing effective prevention and treatment practices, programs, and policies.  However, in order to be effective in creating health, clinical care and epidemiology must incorporate social science research principles and community organizations as partners.



Message from Dr. DeHavenApril 5, 2017
ARCHES teams are comprised of community leaders and health professions investigators developing, evaluating, and sustaining research and training programs, directed at promoting health, preventing disease, and eliminating health disparities. We believe that the factors...